Latex bedding foam is a resilient and malleable product that is durable and comfortable. It is both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant due to its denser open cell structure, and so conforms to the contours of the body minimising pressure points and back pain. It is extremely comfortable as you sink into the mattress slightly.

Memory foam is known as visco elastic foam and reacts to your body heat to mould to your body’s natural shape relieving pressure. Gel memory foam is also made from visco elastic, but has been infused with gel beads which gives better airflow, meaning heat can be more effectively drawn away from the body resulting in a cooler sleeping surface.

“Two-in-one technology” with double the springs of a conventional mattress. The base spring unit works as a shock absorbing foundation for the softer support spring to provide double the comfort.

Traditional innerspring mattresses are built around a central coil system. In a two-sided mattress, comfort layers are placed on both sides of the innerspring. In a Turn Free, one-sided mattress, twice as many comfort layers are stacked on one side of the innerspring only.

Especially designed for the heavier person, a Hi-Tech 6 Turn Bonnell Coil is used to support and interact with the body allowing for a power-packed spring unit. The spring unit is double-tempered to accommodate the weight of a larger framed person and to make the mattress stronger and more durable.

The right bed will have you waking up feeling refreshed & ready for every day.
Choosing the right bed can appear overwhelming as “all beds look the same.” The reason we have large stores full of beds isn’t to confuse you, it’s to provide you with choice. Life would be great if one mattress suited everyone, however this isn’t the case. We all have unique requirements, so pop into a GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING specialist bed store and we’ll work with you to find the best mattress for you. No cookie cutter solutions here.

Customer Service Commitment

GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING’s network of stores around South Africa set us apart from other bed stores because of the way we approach customer service. 
Buying a bed from GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING isn’t simply a matter of checking out the prices and picking something which suits your pocket, our store managers and staff are sleep experts who have a firm understanding of what goes into making a top-quality bed and how that differs from person to person. 
This means that when you shop at a GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING store you’ll really recognise the difference.

1 – Product knowledge

The most important thing about our customer service is our own personal product knowledge. At GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING we are well trained on all products, many other retailers just sell products and don’t really know their beds – but at GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING we’re different. As a factory direct store we don’t just sell beds – we make them too.

2 – Fitting the person to the product

The first thing we ask a customer is what kind of comfort they like as everybody is different. We know the right questions to ask – whether they’re a light sleeper, if they sleep alone or with a partner, that sort of thing – so we can fit the bed to them.

3 – The showroom experience

When customers come into GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING they may already have a bed in mind but as sleep experts we encourage them to try a few different beds to help them understand more about their own comfort levels. Some people will find the perfect bed quickly and others can spend two hours in the store. To be able to compare mattresses effectively, you should lie on each one for 10 to 15 minutes. This is because we believe you need time to lie down, relax and really get a feel for the bed – then when you compare it to another mattress you have a better understanding of the differences.

4 – Big picture questions

Normally people focus solely on the mattress and getting the right level of comfort but the style of bed and future needs also play a huge part. Why buy a new bed for the spare room when the master bed has seen better days? Asking questions about house size is also very important as we don’t want customers having trouble getting their new mattress and base inside – we have split base options available and this can really help when getting beds into rooms with small doorways or narrow staircases. It’s really important that the customer thinks about all these things before they buy a bed but, it’s also important that we ask all the right questions so they don’t miss anything out.

5 – Real prices for the real world

When customers call on the telephone, the tricky part is they are usually calling other stores to compare price points. We will always try advise customers to come into the store so they can understand the value of a good mattress rather than simply looking at the price. We tell them to phone around all the stores they want and then come back to us and see that nothing comes close to our factory direct value deals.

6 – Winning repeat customers

Normally when customers come in, around 70% know exactly what they’re looking for and a lot of the time it’s because they know exactly what they are sleeping on because we sold it to them. One reason customers come back to us is because of our honesty, we certainly make sure customers realise they’re spending their money on something which is of high quality and fits their personal needs. Stores who are based on commission are always pushing on price points and special offers, so they can make a sale and a buck. At GOOD KNIGHT BEDDING we concentrate more on providing customer support and product knowledge – most customers come back because we’ve been able to answer their questions straight away. We do our training and get the product knowledge and they trust us.

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