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 “To deliver a quality product directly from the factory to the consumer, on a national basis, at the best price in the market segments in which we operate.”



After working for years as a Restonic sales representative and agent in Johannesburg; Richard Meyer, a born innovator and entrepreneur, started Dynamic Bedding in 1994 as a small independent bed manufacturer. Whilst growing the business into a leading manufacturer in South Africa, with the largest dedicated retail franchise, under his direction it was at the forefront of innovation and firsts. Trading as “The Bed Shop” and “Bed City”, Dynamic Bedding was the first manufacturer to have its own specialist retail franchise. With more than 120 stores nationally, and subsequently internationally in Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. After growing the business to the output of 650 beds per day, manufactured from two wholly owned production facilities with 100 branded franchise stores, Richard sold the group as a going concern in 2008. He then semi-retired but remained involved in production in the family plastic business.


At the request of former colleagues and franchisees, he re-entered the bedding industry in 2016. Doing so firstly as a wholesaler, before starting up Good Knight Bedding as a manufacturer. Good Knight Bedding currently services over 50 branded factory direct stores nationally. The business operates from a 3 500m2 facility with the appropriate machinery, equipment and staff to manufacture 200 base and mattress sets per day. The factory has been designed to produce double that. A complete range of beds is manufactured including Bonnell Spring beds, Pocket Coil beds, TioTec Spring beds and Multilayered Foam beds.


Good Knight Bedding products are sold through branded “Factory Direct” stores  


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