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Top 10 things to remember when buying a bed

Mattress Protectors

Dust mites can cause allergies and asthma. They feed on skin flakes and have a lifespan of up to 90 days, with females producing up to 3 eggs a day during that time. If you’re buying a new mattress, consider a mattress and/or a pillow protector to help you keep your new purchase in the best possible condition.


It’s all very good buying your perfect new bed, but make sure that you also test-rest a few pillow options while you’re in the showroom. There are different styles, depending on whether you’re a front, back or side-sleeper – so there will be a few choices to try.


Once you’ve made your choice and paid your money, the next stop is getting your bed home. It might sound obvious, but check the delivery times if you can’t get it home yourself and be absolutely sure you have easy access to the room – there is nothing worse than trying to man-handle a new bed up narrow, curving stairs and through oddly shaped landings.

Ask a Friend

Chances are you might not have bought a bed for quite some time, after all we do tend to change our cars more frequently than our mattresses, despite spending more time on then and knowing they are far more important to our health. Technology will have moved on quite some way since the last time you bought a bed or mattress, so ask your friends if they’ve got anything to recommend, then pop down to GOODknight Bedding to check what we’ve got to match.

Don't Sleep on it

Sleep research can be a bizarre science, but it’s clear that the lack of a good night’s rest can lead to illness, stress and irritability. If you replace the mattress on a spring bed, you should also replace the base to ensure that you and your new mattress get the support that is made to match and you end up with a great night’s sleep.


When you go to the GOODknight Bedding showroom, go armed with all the dimensions of your room. The usual rule-of-thumb is to get the largest bed the room allows, after all, replacing your bed or buying a new mattress will definitely transform your bedroom into your own personal sleep sanctuary.


Do you need storage under the bed? If you’re kitting out a spare room, you could you join beds together to form a super king-size for couples? Do you need a new kid’s bed to last them through their teen years? You’d be amazed at what people want from their beds other than a simple night’s sleep – there’s even advice on how your bed can help you get pregnant!



Know your price range. There’s always a bed for every budget. Whether you’re treating yourself to the top-of-the-range now that the kids have left home or simply converting a room into a spare bedroom, may you are trying to find the best option for a growing child.


Athletes, naturopaths, physiotherapists and fitness buffs will all do heaps of research into the healthiest options for their specific themes. There is no reason why everyone shouldn’t look to their new bed or mattress to help them boost their health.

Research and Test-rest

If your free time is precious then a little research will go a long way to saving time when you start shopping for a new bed or mattress. Narrow down your options before heading into a  GOODknight Bedding showroom by thinking about size and budget, and then make sure you test-drive all the options our experts show you. A word of warning though, don’t test-rest when you’re tired… All the mattresses will seem as comfortable as each other!

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